Results of the event “Asteroid conqueror”



Hello, pilots! 


The past “Asteroid Conqueror” event, which was devoted to mining parts for the “Mole” ship in the open world, was new to players. In fact, it rallied pilots across the universe for one common goal of gathering resources. We thought you might like to know the outcome of this event “in numbers”. We remind you that the event lasted from April 29 to June 7 inclusive.




During the entire event, the pilots assembled 1833630 parts! An incredible result!




During this period, 666 ships were assembled! Now, of course, there are even more of them - the trade is in full swing! But we are looking specifically at those who collected parts in space!




How long did it take the very first person to assemble a ship? The player spent 16h 44m of playing time to assemble the necessary components, creating the ship on the same day! 




5205 players received at least one part from an asteroid to their storages! We can say that’s how many people participated in the event. Well, at least they tried to:) 


If you didn’t have time to build the ship during the event, you can always buy more parts in trade, or purchase a complete DLC bundle in our official store!


That’s all, pilots! See you next time in Star Conflict! 


Best regards,

Star Conflict team.