Restructuring of Game Modes

This topic intends to cover two aspects of the game in one fell swoop; the nature of Arcade vs Sector Conflict, and the roles of Corporations therein.


Put simply, right now there isn’t really a need for Sector Conflict; it’s just Arcade with a pointless map. Now I don’t know what the developers intend to do with this mode, but here is a simple little idea  to help divide the modes and make them distinct.


Step 1: Separate matchmaking!

If you queue for Sector Conflict, you cannot be put into an Arcade match, and vice versa. Right now it isn’t clear if this happens or not, but I honestly don’t think it does. So that’s step 1 of my suggestion.


Step 2: No teams in Arcade Mode!

What does this mean? It means you cannot join an Arcade game if you are part of a group, or if you do the matchmaking will split you up and you’ll go into the queue as if you were launching alone. Players who are part of a Corporation may also be kept on hold so that you cannot have more than one member of a Corporation in an Arcade match on the same side; this is intended to avoid people logging on ‘alone’ but with the intent of all getting into the same game.


Put simply, Arcade becomes a “solo pilot” mode.


Step 3: Team Matchmaking for Sector Conflict!

On the other end of the spectrum comes Sector Conflict. This mode will now actively try to put Corporations against one another, will give Corporations highest priority in matchmaking, then non-Corp Groups, then Solo Pilots (who will only be put into game if the numbers need making up).


Sector Conflict is, under this suggestion, intended to push and encourage team play. The intent is that when a Corporation wants to fight as a Corp, they get to do so vs other Corps / organised groups rather than a bunch of random solo pilots.




Step 4: Custom Matchmaking in Sector Conflict!

Allow players to make a custom match! Senior members of a Corporation can make a “Corporate Match” and invite an opposing Corp to fly in it. Nobody else can get involved - it’s your Corp vs their Corp - a true test of which side is strongest!



That’s it in a nutshell; give solo pilots a solo mode, and give Corporations a mode where they can brawl with each other.

I’ll agree to that. Too many cases of [stacked corp squads] vs [solo pilots].

Sounds perfect actually, you’d have your team games when you chose them, and your arcade fun for solo play.


Hopefully the que times don’t balloon too much.