resource limits

So, any resources that I may get are now destroyed automatically because now the game has arbitrary and ridiculous limits on what you can save, this game is going downhill in a major way now, the player base will fall off if this “limit” isn’t removed.  I really can’t believe the developers are willing to kill this game, but that is how it’s looking…

Yeah same. It should especially be removed for rare resources like graphite, osmium, monocrystals, composite panels, xenos, neo, berry, and electrum.

What can I say… I don’t know who in the staff get this idea but seriously… what was they thinking? A lot of players already leave and I also did, I supported the game since a while but it goes off the limit.

My thoughts on the limits:


 And me

The second one is the better

No need anymore to complete OS missions, because the most valuable material monocrystal are destroyed.

No need to do battles, because when I loot neodium/graphite/berylium etc are also destroyed.

So, why should I play this game…just to do bang bang? 

I’ll pass.


Over 1.6k monos here. After ‘spending’ it in packs for SP ships etc. I’m at ~1k. Why? Because I don’t have any common resources left(shards…). Now OS is pointless.
Any PvE/PvP is mostly trash(because anything except shard is 0) and Iridium is nothing worth(monos are autodestroyed). The ridiculous bundles they introduced are no excuse(seriously? I have to build nearly every dessy module/weapon - not that I would need that as I have all for r8/11).

I’m out.

What can I say? Welcome to the communism, comrades. No rich ppl here, everyone is equal in their poverty  ![:alien3:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/alien3.png “:alien3:”)


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What can I say? Welcome to the communism, comrades. No rich ppl here, everyone is equal in their poverty  ![:alien3:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/alien3.png “:alien3:”)

Wasn’t that stuff over? Seems like The Simpsons were right after all…


Star conflict is my favorite game and I have been playing for a long time.

I like Star conflict because you can fight solo, fight with friends; craft ships, and lots more. Personally, I like to collect items that you find in Open Space and at the end of pvp and pve games. However, I am very upset regarding the latest star conflict update. I recently purchased a license to allow me to collect more items for storage and maybe craft/manufacture ships later when I decide. However, all pve and pvp games that I play now destroy the items at the end of the game. Not only have I been unable to collect alien composite panels from the missions where you assign ships; there is now no point in completing my dailies for mono crystals in open space as these are destroyed as well. My license is now obsolete for the purposes that I purchased it for.

The update has ruined my experience of the game and is very upsetting ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”) - I hope that the cap on resources is lifted so that my gaming experience of Star conflict can once again be a pleasant one.

Your friend,


It’s xxxx, along with alpha/beta/zeta caches. Obvious cashgrab. Hope you love random chance of getting random container so that you can get random item.


Dear developers,
I would like to know what are you into, if you restrict the number of resources to 200. Do you want to cancel the game, filter the players, or are you so dull that you think that will lead to prosperity? You are not able to perform proper advertising on this game and you want to pan for the most money? Really? The new ship is beautiful, nothing to say, but touch our resources and think that everybody will let it go :-) nono. If you think that the new ship will shut my mouth, then you are pathetic. You should quickly realize, that the game is here for the players, not the players for you. You can give me BAN if that will make you happy and delete the comment, so nobody can see it, but you would prove me that what I am writing is truth :-). I think I spent enough money in this game, and is this how you repay? Very nice. If you do not intend to repect this, I do not see any reason why I should continue and so with me my Czech community, by the way thanks to whom you have the Czech localization.

Have a nice day, CEOs of CzR and UFO

Yeah they are forcing us to use trading, so that trading destroy 10% of the trades.


I mean come on, that’s not a p2w anymore. That’s pay to play.

If nobody in the world spent money on gold standard, it would be impossible to trade. So why does the recent changes are balanced around trading since it is a premium feature that costs 10% of the price ?

Resource limit is awful what were you thinking.  



Last good update was Dogs Of War.

11 minutes ago, SmrtiHlav said:

Last good update was Dogs Of War.


I Agree, this patch is ridiculous.

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Last good update was Dogs Of War.