Resolution/screenmode issue

hey I recently changed my screen mode from windowed to stretched and now I can’t see anything abve a certain level of the window. the window is not black but it thinks that my screen is somewhere it isn’t in space(bad translation but look at the screenshot I took to show my issue.


I can’t change the settings by altering the config.xml I installed the game over again to see if that would fix it but haven’t been able to fix the issue I am running a macbook pro 2.6i7 16 gig ram geforce 7200 if I can get help in just changing the window mode my issue can be resolved easy

 please help.


edit: strike that, didn’t see it was the Mac version. No idea about that one, can’t help there, sry. Best contact support.

(but if your xml file is the same as ours then it looks like you’ll need to change the r_windowPosition parameter. do it while the game is not running)

issue fixed. xml editor wasn’t wanting to save properly so it was just using the original settings before  Itried to edit it manually. got new editor and fixed issue.