Resolution question

is there any way to make the game run in windowed 800x600? so far i can only get it to work at 1024x720, and for me it lags a bit. i know i should (and i will) get a better computer, but 800x600 would solve the issue, as i’d gain a hunk of fps (i play most new games in windowed 800x600 for that reason)

i’ve tried the dragging thing, but 1024 is what it stops at horizontally and 720 vertically.

the game options don’t show 800x600, it seems to be stuck at 16:9 graphics

i’ve also tried editing the configuration file, and while i changed both of the resolution sets (4 lines in total) to 800 and 600, the game won’t recognize it

lastly, i’ve tried to make it full-screen 800x600, and it half-worked: my screen was set to 800x600, but the game was still in 1024x720, so I couldn’t see half the game (i could see a cropped version of the game, pretty much)


is there any way to play at windowed 800x600? if not, is there a chance the devs might add the option?


it’s currently not possible to make it 800x600

and 800x600 is better for aiming!

Not high priority now. Have you tried to experiment with this for better performance?



Actually, you can with a little black magic.

Launch game, switch window mode to “Windowed/Full screen stretched”, otherwise it wont work.


Go to My documents/My Games/Star Conflict/ open file user_config.xml with notepad or something. These two lines I marked are resolution.



Type there 600 as height, 800 as width. Save, launch game again. Enjoy dem pixels.





EDIT: Sorry, I didnt read carefully, you already tried that I think. From my testing, display is more blurried than before, and I gained like 20 FPS, field of vision remained the same.

EDIT 2: What about setting native monitor resolution to 800x600 and setting the game like above?