Resists efficiency

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I was wondering, how resists affect our ship. Actually, I am playing an empire fighter (t2), tank-buffer. Should I go for resists? Or should I go for hull strenght? Is there some cap?


Some guys said that 100points = 50% resist, and some are saying that 50 points are preventing you 50 points damage. So, someone knows how this works?


There is my stuff :


Active modules : 

  • Polarization Coating (+28pts on hull/ zone buff)
  • Adaptative Armor mkIII (+70pts hull resists / 8sec)
  • Valkyrie System mkIII (+16.3% damage/zone buff)

Passive modules :

  • Reinforced hull (kinetic hull resist 45pts)
  • Collision compensator (+25 rotation speed)

Hull tuning : 

  • Armor-plated hull (+45% hull / -7% speed)


  • Composite armor (+18 all hull resists)

I’d also love to know EXACTLY what the resists mean.  I always assumed that for every tick of incoming damage, it is reduced by the applicable resistance type (would support the “negative” resistances).  There must be some sort of diminishing return though, or weaker ships would be physically incapable of harming super-tanked frigates, that said, I do feel extraordinarily ineffective against Jericho fighters with the correct shield resist on, so maybe not…

I tested this with tjaranis couple days a go.


My ship had 109 thermal resistances and he was shooting at me for 1399 damage with 2924 dmg empire sniper module. So 109 resistance gave me about 52% damage reduction.


100 resistance = -50% dmg taken or +100% effective hp (EHP)

200 resistance = -67% dmg taken or +200% effective hp (EHP)

300 resistance = -75% dmg taken or +300% effective hp (EHP)

There is already a thread on that subject, with formulas and graphs.

Cant give you a link I’m on my smartphone. Just use search.

Ok, this thread :


I didnt browse the forum, my bad. Anyway, all informations on resists are in this thread.