Reserve your name for your corporation.

Brave pilots,

the time has come to group up and to form a corporation to become a part of something bigger and more powerful.

A corporation system is going to be introduced into Star Conflict very soon!

In this regard, we offer you a unique opportunity to reserve the name of your corporation in advance, until it’s taken by someone else!

All you need to do is to specify your corporation leader’s nickname and the desired name of the corporation. The sooner you do that, the better. Priority to reserve the name is given to the first player to make an application.

The reservation procedure is completely free of charge. Moreover, the corporation, which has been reserved in advance, will be automatically created for half the cost as soon as the upcoming changes take effect.

Please note, the amount of credits to create a corporation must be on the account of the corporation leader at the moment of automatic registration. In the opposite case, the name will no longer be reserved and you will have to register the usual way for the full cost.

Attention: In case of abusing the reservation, the administration has the right to withdraw the application and the right to give the priority to another pilot.

To reserve your corporation name please post the leader name and the clan name you want to reserve.

leaders … Beastrabban and Baron Harkonnen

corporation name House Harkonnen

if possable please split the cost 50-50

I have a name in my mind, but is it real money or the in-game creds?

i guess it’s standard currency

Great ^^ Ok da Corps Name will be:


Information about this exciting and new Corp will be placed in a Open Beta Forum soon.

(ps how much?)

Leader: RaptorStealth

Corporation name: Honoris Causa

Leader: Stargoat

Corporation name: Blameless Scapegoats



Clan/Coorperation Name Stoned Assassins

Leader: Tenshou

Corp name: Interstellar Mercenaries (Abbreviation: ISM)

The reservation time will end tomorrow when the patch is going to be applied to the live server. Be sure to keep 1500 Gold Standards on your account in order to get your corporation set up directly after the patch. If you won’t pre-order your corporation you will have to pay the normal priece of 3000 Gold Standards.

Leader: Uhmari

Coporation: Evolution

leaders … Beastrabban and Baron Harkonnen

corporation name House Harkonnen

if possable please split the cost 50-50

thats ok with me to split it.

if its not possible to split the cost, i will pay it by myself.

p.s.: Beastrabban = me

um… 12$ just for creating a corp?


better than 24$ later

Long Live House Harkonnen

The pre order registration is over now!

Further corporation creation is only possible through the game client.

All corporation leaders I request you to contact me through PM and report me the Corporation’s name and your login (e-mail for yuplay).Password is not needed.

I heard that there is some confusion about the corps. All clan leaders please send me their log in email so we can create the corp on the right account.