requesting ban for abandoning team during tournament

Last tournament we played with Corp [CCCP] and they deserted the battle one after an other starting at the end of the 1. match. I made those screenshot a little later during 2. match. At the end we played 3 vs 8. Dont get fooled by the labels on screenshot, this was not an connection issue, they all left successively, they probably hit alt+F4 or just plugged the network cable out.

I am requesting a compensation and a ban of those players: xxAPOLONxx, fosters, HoustoN, DmitriyV, AiRo




… i spare you screens of the 3. match.

You should report them ingame then, our specialists will see your reports about refusing to fight in battle and will consider it. Also it still might be connection issues in this case, cause today we have some, and some pilots were kicked out, especially Russian ones.

today? tournament was 2 days ago, thus 03.07.2016.

And no, that was not a connection problem, i can tell because they were pissed because the first battle didn’t go well and then they left the game NOT all at the same time but one after another. Their different labels below their name are most likely caused by different ways how they ended the game. (e.g. alt+F4, killing star conflict process through task manager or they simply unplugged their network cable)

To put it in different words, they sabotaged the tournament for us.
Please take action and punish them somehow. And a compensation of at least 50GS would be nice.

Connection issues happen. Only to members of the same corp? Fat chance…