Reputation Bug

Hello reporting bug in reputation 6 legion 1st rank is not increasing in classes and almost have rep for reputation 7.

I do not know if this is a related bug but they are or seems to be no REP 7 ships available.

Username MentalGhost_BORG


Hi thanks for your report, could you explain this a little bit more detailed?

I am referring to the very first levels you start at then you increase your reputation and you get different classes within that reputation.

for example my reputation level is 6 and 1st class. I want to buy a weapon that requires reputation level 4 and working staff infarction tech but i see no where about this or how to increase this.

When starting in the beginning and you are rep level 1 the class and levels work fine. After level 3 they stop and you cant unlock or use different weapons sets.


Thanks I think I got it and I will check this when I am finished with downloading the patch.

Thx error hope you can in a way repeat this or report as I want to upgrade weapons and cant do this due to this restriction and already have gone way past the level requirements or unless this is fraction dependent but i do not think this is as it was moving along fine in the first few rep levels