Report any map glitches, ghost objects, invalid collision detection issues - Maps only

Report any known glitches, issues or bugs with the maps.


This includes the following:

  • ghost objects (passing through objects with no collision)

  • collision detection issues (imprecise or invisible walls)

  • any other related issues (missing textures, wrong textures, etc.)


What you need to do:

  • press F11 (default) key twice to show map coordinates on the screen

  • take a screenshot

  • describe a problem in a brief sentence or two


   There are  a lot of  bugs , glitches , problems with the  MiG-105 ship. 1) doesn’t benefit from any  modifier [Spatial scanner 10] 2) doesn’t benefit from any ammo [‘Supernova’ Deflector 12] 3) doesn’t benefit from any crew  modifying MiG-105 modules (cool down , energy consumption , parameters) 4) doesn’t benefit from any level bonus ( afterburner energy draw , effective strength ) 5) has EXTREMELY  high crash damage  and  no way to avoid it  with any ship modifier  6) changes  maximum speed  in open space  depending  on open space  map  7) changes color  scheme in open space  and  some  pvp maps after MiG-105 activation …i realize this  new  form of  ship must be a coding  nightmare but here are  some  of  the  bugs  with it  so your team can address it  … as i see it  you guys  made it a  T-1 ship but tried to fix parameters  in a  R-10 map  if you gave it a  HULL and  CPU modifier like a  real T-1 ship would have  it  would allow it to benefit from scanners and  hull extenders for  open space. the  ammo is also a problem as  it can never have  a good  critical  hit / damage  parameter .     THX Cinnamon i know  its a work in progress  tell your  team … good luck with the  coding …  over all its a  fantastic  ship for  open space  missions  … it really  solves  the  speed  problem in large maps…