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How often has this to be said. If you have issues with a punishment go here 

Message one of the GMs, rant, get it solved. Get an explaination, go to public with it is yet another violation.
But I will explain to you what happened.

You had bad luck.
You usually will not get immediately banned for disconnecting, since it can have many reasons.
But you were in the game with our big boss, the one you never see, the one who is on top of everyone, of me, of Cinnamon, of the devs. He saw it, didn’t like it, you got banned for an hour.
You should be glad it was not more…
But let this serve as a lesson, disconnecting from a game INTENTIONALLY is absolutely dumb and deserves to be punished, drops and internet issues, well, can’t help it.
If you feel like disconnecting or games go bad for you and you know it, don’t launch into PvP and ruins other’s game experience with your attitude.

So everyone got me wrong.
The problem was that I thought this ban mechanic is a new feature that has been introduce in today’s patch, but there was no mention about it.
I deserved the ban I know the rule. The ban is not the issue nor the time. I can do other things.
The last sentence is so bad, others ruining my experience more when I fight for nothing and your answer is to not play the game then.

7.1. Inactivity in the battle, avoiding afk detection and avoiding to perform any objective oriented actions

7.2 is the rule which I violated and it’s after 7.1. (I was the only one who went for capture all my team was at spawn and got the slowest ships)

Okay, glad that you understand.

How is Verno? Still playing?

Clarification: It is not automatic.

Player name: IamSC, do not do anything stupid when you see him in your game.

Alright I get your point, I got a bit mad there because you even did admit that you intentionally disconnected.
My point is, it would be better if you put a rock on your keyboard to not get kicked instead of leaving, since it just looks bad and demotivates your teammates.

Yes sometimes it is better to waste 5 minutes than showing unsportsmanlike behaviour. I also sometimes stay 5 minutes longer at work for nothing just because of an annoying customer.
It is not nice to leave, it is annoying to play a game for nothing, my point being is that many people go into que with the attitude: If my game goes bad I leave, and I am very annoyed by that, maybe that’s not your setting and I am sorry if I got a bit offensive. It is just a very big issue in SC right now and to me it feels like the issue does not get enough attention.

5 minutes ago, OmegaFighter said:

Player name: IamSC, do not do anything stupid when you see him in your game.

Not true at all ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

Every time you farm him hard on his resp, Thar’ga gets nerfed ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

1 minute ago, xKostyan said:

Every time you farm him hard on his resp, Thar’ga gets nerfed ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

Yeah well, by stupid things I mean don’t violate rules, focusing him is not part of that ![:p](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004.png “:p”)

No not at all. I always want to play the mode I choose, but sometimes when my team is bad and we lose in streaks with epic fail I just go to pve or OS to calm down.
The new one loot at lost is prevent this very well (for me at least) but rarely it happens, that I leave battle, but usually I leave the game it self too to calm down,
I know what are you talking about I saw this at survivor mode often, people disconnects immediately.

Yup i’m doing the same