Repair Kit S (Rank 1-2) changes rank on log out

  1. The module ‘Repair Kit S 1-2’ is changing rank upon logging out.
  2. For the module to remain Rank 1 to 2 upon logging out and back in.
  3. Have the module in the warehouse or installed on the Dvergr and log out and back in.
  4. The module ‘Repair Kit S 1-2’ which was added specifically for the Dvergr as it lacked a method to repair itself at all is changing to ‘Repair Kit S 3-5’ upon logging out and back in; making it impossible to keep a Rank 1-2 variant of the module in the event a player ever wishes to use the ship ‘Dvergr’ with the module equipped.
  5. Ever since the Rank 1-2 variant of the Repair Kit S was added.
  6. Unsure if logs are possible as relog means that logs are split. Video is attached however showing the purchase of the module, upgrade of the module and the resultant change in rank upon logging and out back into the game.
  7. Most recent purchase (and loss) of the module was roughly 6:50PM AEST (UTC +10), 15th of December.
  8. Not relevant.
  9. Not relevant.
  10. Not relevant.

I have no idea why the colours are darker on Youtube. The source files are perfectly fine but YT keeps making them darker.



Yeah it’s weird having it unmounted every time I relog

Accepted as SC-114455