Repair costs bottlenecking

The repair costs of destroyers are huge which is somewhat okay but if it was done to balance the destroyer class users, I believe there are better ways to solve that issue rather than making someone not play it after that someone spent time and/or money acquiring it. But nonetheless it’s okay, you have to begin somewhere right?

The other issue is special project ships which began also a path similar to destroyers repair cost which is not really something anyone wants to see after putting even more time and/or money into it.

After all, i see SP ships as an investment rather than a constant cost.

The repair costs hinder pretty much the progress in the game at some extent, negative comments about someones skill are not welcomed here.

Agreed. Negative income is the only reason I don’t use all of my standard ships. After a win I’d like to feel like I accomplished something, not just wasted time in losing money.

Maybe if a win could provide x2 the credits initial amount you would get when you lose, that would be cool, makes you strive for something at least.

I fly kraken 24/7 and I never find myself running low. I guess you die too much.


sps and destroyers are fine atm.

I want a “don’t really care” vote!

I don’t really see how credits is any kind of issue… I have 300 mil credits and it was 200 mil about 3 weeks ago and I don’t spare on spending where its needed. If anything is lacking then its mono as that is the one thing you need the most for about anything such as mk5 weapons and any sp ships etc…

As far as balance is concerned, there isn’t any. If they are trying to keep you from using destroyer as much by making repairs higher then its not working. And as far as putting destroyers into a separate category in pvp like a lot of people suggested, well I think that’s a huge part of the problem in pvp right now. There has to be a better solution such as forcing teamwork; if you get too far away from a teammate then a warning pops up “GET BACK WITH YOUR TEAM!”…

1 hour ago, QACinnamonTroll said:

I fly kraken 24/7 and I never find myself running low. I guess you die too much.

sps and destroyers are fine atm.

I earn 180k cr per game, no bonuses present, 2 deaths plus ammo restock is 180k for me. I have jag and saw, maybe one day ill make the kraken so i dont have to die on my end of the map ![:p](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004.png “:p”)

25 minutes ago, xKostyan said:

I want a “don’t really care” vote!

Consider it done!

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I have no dlc’s or any premium content bonuses so when i grind something, its true bonegrinding grind. I was just thinking about it, taking into consideration the moments when people truly complained and not simply whined about how difficult it is, I though that simply changing the income of matches slightly or reducing repairs slightly would do the trick and could make the gains and progress fair on both ends. 

Well to be fair I don’t JUST do pvp. I like to do a bit of everything. You can get a lot of credits and junk from doing a pve grind if you don’t die ofc. I also stopped buying the bonuses a long time ago unless I need them like doing leagues or tourneys. Also if you do pve then you can do it without buying ammo or even missiles if you really want to save. PVE is super easy and if you are good enough can be pretty damn fast too. Trust me, I started playing this game doing nothing but pve and I only started doing pvp about 2 months ago lol… (leveling/maxing ships in pvp is usually bad idea).

Yeah you can restore lots of credits by playing PvE because you can only die a max of 3 times. XD

The only real credit problem that I see is with destroyers in any gamemode. One destruction of my Tyrant costs enough to create a loss in credits in a lost PvP. In a win I usually either break even or just gain a few thousand credits. Something needs to happen in relation to destroyer destruction costs because it really makes them hard to fly with good conscience if you don’t already have several score million credits.

I’m just against negative income by default after a game, but if thats all what they could think of for the sake of balancing destros then okay, but i hope its just a temporary solution. I felt bad a bit reading the chat and helping some people with credit issues, excess credits arent that bad tbh.

Only times I get bad credits income is when I die twice in my Vigilant. The problem is: ok dying while you fly those things is extremely expensive, but If you manage to die twice in a r14 dessie… you are doing something wrong my dear. ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”) §

P.s. according to lack of bonus to r15 secret project ships, that means: dying in a jag/“or w/e” is pretty expensive, maybe some “death price”  should be reworked at least for those ships, that atm don’t gives so much advantages over other regulars ships.

I stick with standard ships because lower standard ships tend to have, you know, ton of buffs atm, so if i die, it’s not a big deal. It’s just a bummer that you work on some ships like jag and saw to have higher repair costs and stuff, makes me look like im getting punished for even having them and not playing standards lol.