◙ Rennie's Shipyard

I will post some of my ship setups here :slight_smile:


◙ Archdragons  11703244_455841504587516_396942859165370

An adaptive fit for the Anaconda M:


Hey, Rennie, why wont ya post the BDragon?


o.O 4 ships with the same shape, paint and logo?

>:) the “free” blood hound paint and you can do this with most ships in t5

All four of the dragons? Someone’s a fan of Empire long ranges.


Not that we didn’t know that already.




Can swap ammo for easier interceptor killing. Or can use implant middle 2 and scrap the horizon mod for infrared scanner instead.

You can also use multiphase shield adaptor or a hull heal if you don’t have reverse thruster yet. Stay near cover/closish to team if you can.