Remove Them - Useless Bots

Umm? Ariadne’s with bots that are 40km apart, not moving to coordinator, or following our pings. Remove them or actually make them useful.

Ignore the spice, my friend and I were trying to do Ariadnes. 



Imo they just need few adjustments and general fixing of dropping the actions completely and drift aimlessly without even shooting.
Most of the time, bots tend to pick one of alive players and follow them, trying to supporting with fire. But their firepower is very weak so they die very quickly. Their AI also breaking when alive player they follow suddenly dies.
-fix AI breaking
-give bots more firepower and durability with diversity of weapon types (railgun/plasma gun/beam works, but sometimes some weapons work better against some enemies than others)
-make bots use modules (never seen any apart from metastable field)
-give bots better evasive pattern. I would say, give they AI of recon’s hologram.

or remove them completely.

If you Remove the Bots, how are you even Supposed to play anymore? It is hard to get into a match! Always if you choose random, you ONLY get matched into Monolith, and this sucks. At least, even if they are Useless, you can play any other Mission. Beneath the 10 or 15 Minutes waiting time instead of the announced 1 Minute waiting…

I stop playing PVE, I’ve lost enough time to fly with two hopeless bots and a player who usually does not know what to do and is hopeless as bots.
Try to go through Monolith Operation with two bots and one new player and write me what you have.

There is something called “group management” and “squad”. Get yourself a squad and you will have zero bots. 

“Get yourself a squad”, good one.


At least Ariadne is doable solo with bots more so than with inexperienced players, as at least enemies follow the bots, giving some respite to complete the objectives. If the devs adjusted the bots to stay inside the playing field, so they don’t explode every couple of seconds, I’d be completely fine with the current state of affairs. They don’t even have to move. Shooting and respawning is all that’s needed to fly Ariadne solo.


With Monolith, well, the amount of enemies could be scaled down a bit at the beacons when there are bots. Or just speed up taking the beacons / slow it down for enemies.


Yeah, I have no idea why is it so hard to fix the AI. They are doing fine in co-op, why can’t they be programmed the same in pve? If they really are following one of the players and break when he dies, can’t they just follow mission objectives instead? That would make much more sense. Or if it’s op (because well, auto-aiming objectives and respawning again and again might lead to the missions doing themselves), just make them follow the enemies.


All in all, I usually prefer bots than players in pve. Infini-duplicators ftw. Gimme solo mode nao!

I did play several monolith pve missions but just like ariadne it can be done in a solo manner but its time consuming, solo modes are not a solution. There will be several AI tweaks in the future, ETA’s unknown though.