Remove "Stasis field"

Any stunning ability makes no sense in a shooter.

Please, remove it.

stasis field has a particularly short range, and it’s possible to completely avoid damage by getting your opponent to use it with bad timing.

however, it’s still needing rebalancing - it’s misuse is way too forgiving now. so far my idea to improve it is to get the targeted ship to glide inertially, keeping its velocity(including angular one) like they were at the moment the module was used. this way hitting the target ship is made harder(especially with rockets), but correct use will usually cause collision damage to compensate for that.

also, flashbangs. there you go, stunning on a shooter!

A better balance is on the way :wink:

Actually I agree with Lother, stunning has no place in a dogfighting space shooter. It only takes away from the skill base of the game.

I’m not asking for it to be balanced, it should be removed altogether. I have just started playing in the T2 and T3 areas of the game and every time I get killed is because of a stunner.

It is really frustrating to know that you are a good pilot only to get your xxxx handed to you just because everyone is sporting said stunner.

yeah- there are a few different abilities like this , all are annoying but sometimes the only way to kill a light. i would suggest that if they are kept to show a timer on the recieving side so people know when its supposed t oend. someone was shooting me with some kinda beam yesterday that lasted for 20 seconds or so- not sure what all the different ew effects are yet but hopefully i’ll learn them all soon. unfortunately in the skill trees the skill descriptions dont scroll down so i cant even read them all.