Remember view direction on free-cam when tab back from map

One of the tactics I’m getting into is tabbing to the map during the game to see if there are any control points that are about to be attacked, usually after defending a point in “free-cam” mode (IE the ctrl button). I’m finding it difficult to reorientate myself after returning to the game from the map as my view has reset back to the front of the ship, and not where I was last aiming.

It may be personal preference, but I think returning to the game from the map with the view direction of where you were last aiming would make it easier to orientate myself into where I need to go next.

Please feel free to disagree with this if you find the view reset useful - I don’t know if this is personal preference or if this makes a good suggestion if others agree with it…

Definately a good idea. Since we are playing in a 3d space (unlike in most games) we can roll to any angle as we wish,so maintaining the camera’s view is important.

(PS:The free movement still amazes me, its good that i don’t need to be aligned to a floor or something. )