Regenerative Hull Modifier

Seriously, who actually uses this? It seems the only things people use are Galvanised, Armour-plated and lightweight…

You mean the passive armor regen? i use it on my sniper for hidden maintenance shop :slight_smile:

I think it would be useful if the regeneration was higher, it’s only noticeable on ships with 2k-3k hull, but where’s the point of buying a 20-26 hull regenerating item on a command or a frigate? 

I’ve bought it, never kept it.  I’d watch my hull go up by the numbers, not the bar.  Find a engineer and in 5 seconds and you’re 100%.  Now you just have to get nice and close, oh well.

I’ve never used it. It’s completely inferior to the other options available.

I think it needs a buff. Though either percentage healing or separate values for each ship types would have fo be implemented.