Regarding Tier 3 PvP

I think Gaijin did a great job with adding new modules, ships, implants, passives, ship customization when it comes to going from T2 > T3





One single module has broken Tier 3 pvp.


Without even saying it, most of you already know the module I am talking about.


Remote Shield Repair


Something needs to change. One single module has turned Tier 3 pvp into nothing but engineers. Queue up for a battle t3 and I garuntee you at least half of the ships on your team are Engineers. And all of them have Remote Shield Repair.


Its a great module dont get me wrong, and I can see why healers need it, but the cooldown is simply way too short. Outrageously short, almost borderline developer-troll short. 40 Seconds? Even less if its experimental? Something that strong should not have such a short cooldown. Time and time again I see premade squads all running Engineers at different key locations on a Domination map for example all timing their remote shields in tandem with one another. Its impossible to pvp this way. Its not only annoying, but very upsetting when the person your about to kill has his shields regened to full.


The Cooldown must be changed. Keep the module, dont change it, but just increase the cooldown. A Gamebreaker type module like that needs a very long cooldown, just like the Remote Hull Repair. 40 Seconds is just insane. For t3 pvp to be saved, Give it a 120 Cooldown at LEAST

Engineers actually get an extra healing module in their bots in 0.8.1. It now automatically works without activation and activating it makes it heal everyone in range for a while before disabling itself.


Apparently there wasn’t enough healing in the game in 0.8.0 according to the devs…

What better way to counter LOLNukes than LOLHeals.

Please use one of the existing threads about healing.

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