Refund questions

Does anyone know where I need to go to get a refund on the DLC i purchased for this game?  I was able to play the game for a couple of hours.  I decided to buy the DLC and havn’t been able to play the game since.  I would reconsider purchasing the DLC again once the game is up and running, but as the game sits now this is unacceptable.

I’m pretty sure that somewhere in that wall of text nobody reads it says there are no refunds for digital purchases.


As for not being able to play, the servers are having some sort of episode right now, just wait a day and it’ll have blown over…

I would bet that if you asked their tech support people under accounts really nicely that you bought the DLC and after that you were unable to play for X time…Probably min day, they would refund you the time to your premium.  Other wise nothing is really being lost, ships, stickers, the galactic standards and so on are not time dependent.


Also remember hat you payed into a beta as early support…I suppose.  So…the good old moniker applies.  “This is beta…Drek happens.”

If you can pay for things in game with money it isnt beta, but that is beside the point.  I wouldnt mind repurchasing this once the game is working again, but as it sits now I would rather invest that money in a game that does work such as warthunder or something of the sort.

ive spent $95 on the game and I have no regets at all… the game will have issues from time to time, thats to be expected from games that are in closed or open Beta… its work in progress… and issues will be fixed…


The Devs are doing a good Job and I think they are worth supporting even with some issues that pop up…

License owners will get a compensation for the server downtimes related to the server issues.