Reflected Rage module on Thar'Ga causes bots to stop firing and tracking the player

Bug report: Open Space / PvE issue - Thar’Ga (Gunship) active module - Reflected Rage



What happened?

Bots in Open Space will stop attacking the Player when ‘Reflected Rage’ module is being used.

This issue is clearly related to target tracking. All effected bots will disengage and disregard the player, sometimes for extended periods of time, sometimes for several seconds only.

This issue can also happen in PvE scenarios, including Gravi-Lens module (Black-Hole).



What should have happened?

Bots should continue to lock and fire on the target, even while ‘Reflected Rage’ module is being used.



How to replicate this bug?

  • Use Thar’Ga with equipped ‘Reflected Rage’ active module.

  • Undock in Open Space. (Recommended location: Jericho sector: Stripped Deposits)

  • Attack bots

  • Use the module ‘Reflected Rage’.

  • Bots will be affected as described. (a bug)








[2018.05.28](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=17057)

And they go fly off to the edge of the map where a bug prevents them from self-destructing so someone has to go chase them out of bounds and hope they can get back before the game kills them.


Similar effect with the Pulsar in some areas of the map.  I just attributed it to the ship being smart enough to get out of range of the attack.