Recruit A Friend



I was recruited by a friend to play this game. Best invite ever IMO!

I bought some standards and was very happy to see that he got some too.

Does he always get some benefits if I make purchases or is it a one time deal?


Regards: Hefty

He will recieve a bonus equalling 10% of all GS that you buy.

Hey this might be stupid but


How can one send and invite?


In the friends’ menu ingame you have ‘invite friend’ at the bottom left of the window which requires you to fill up some blank spaces whatsoever. It’s not the usual ‘add as friend to list’.

Thank you for the info :good:

Because you removed me from friends at one point, I think it stopped working. Also did not work on the DLC pack that you bought.


But, it’s great that it lasts forever!

Yeah though I was removing you from my squad… What a dumbass :crazy: