Reconstructing ship question


I’am quit new in this game and it makes a lot of fun :005j:  Especially, I’d like to play the Tackle-Ship as “medic” right now. 

Alway if a ship goes down, I switch to the cloak mode and reconstruct the ship as fast as possible.

Unfortunetly, if I get down, it is really rare that someone reconstruct my ship.

Then I noticed, that you don’t get points or whatever for reconstructing. So I think some guys won’t do it, because they don’t get anything for this risk. Did I miss something, or is there an archievment for reconstructing, at least?


Maybe it is a point, which can be improved.



No there is nothing aside from having an extra team member for reconstructing. Some people don’t know you can reconstruct, or don’t know how. Some have no idea what the little cross means and where your ship would be when they try to find it (the cross disappears). Some think they can finish it by themselves, some think they would die trying.


I think the main thing is trying to find it and knowing how to go within 300m and stay there. Pressing “V” helps to see the shipwreck.


It also helps to not go and revive or press reconstruct in the middle of a boss pulsar or surrounded by 10 enemies…sooo many revived and died in 5s esp in blackwood :wink: