Recommended guideline for Star Conflict fan communities.


Pilots! Our universe is shaped by you - our players. We appreciate it and that’s why we have compiled a list of recommendations for unofficial communities of Star Conflict. Using it, you can develop our community, making the game universe more exciting and interesting!

Important: We do not continuously monitor fan communities and are not responsible for any actions or content posted. However, we expect Discord servers, groups, and other community owners to follow these guidelines.


  • Make sure your community is positioned as a fan community and is not affiliated with the official Star Conflict platforms.
  • Prevent advertising of malware and fraudulent software from infiltrating your community’s content.
  • Ensure that you comply with the rules and regulations of the platform that hosts your community.
  • Encourage friendly communication between members of your community. Do not encourage toxic behavior, stalking, or bullying of a player or group.
  • Be friends with other communities. Be friendly and avoid conflict situations.
  • Create and develop your community, do not encourage the use of content created by other communities.
  • Encourage fair play and good sportsmanlike behavior and adherence to in-game rules.
  • Respond to feedback and requests from the Star Conflict team


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