Recent "balancing" changes

It is possibly just me, but one or two updates ago the system that assigns teams started to put all the good players on one side.


The games used to be pretty 50-50 in regards to who would win with the occasional game that was one-sided. Now I am getting in games and with the first five minutes you can pretty much predict the outcome. One side or the other wins, and it usualy sucks no matter what side your on. Either you kill everyone way too easily or they are overpowering you. I have seen 1-2 fair games where it was pretty balanced, but for the most part almost all the games are now “sided”.


Still flying my tier 6 ships, so nothing has changed as far as what grouping I’m in. As I said this may just be me, but I really liked the system that made battles that would last for twenty minutes at a time.



Its not just you, its how the matchmaking works now. Win a few games and the MM will try its best to make you lose, increasing the wait time in the process

I don’t see what the development sought to accomplish by implement this kind of system :confused:

Yeah, the MM is doing that ALL THE TIME. You can easily know if you’re going to win or lose based on the teams. And it’s really funny when you see ALL the players in the other team have higher “Skill Rating” and higher ranked ships than your team.


There’s been some discussion in the 0.9.8 update 1 patch topic: [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/21603-star-conflict-obt-v098-update1-discussion/?p=235628)

Dunno where it exactly started but it’s been happening for a while before that and still happening. Basically since 092 or 093 since the new matchmaking system was added. I also remember something about a tweak in 098 or 099 for squads that instead of a 6-up rank push for a 4 man squad they reduced it to 5, but it didn’t work. Dunno if it accentuaded the problem or not tho.

I’ve also noticed this, or your team wins easily the game whit no hope for the enemy team, or you either get annihilated completely. I’ve got only a few game where the teams were pretty evened

When I was still grinding some ship lines in T2, more matches were balanced between teams.  In T3 it’s a little worse.  I don’t know how much is just having a large enough player base.  I had a combat recon the other day where we won on kills, 46-9.  I half gave up when it became obviously that imbalanced.  I even think I came out on top on the score because of damage assists and buf assists.


The matches where it’s time to win or time to lose are not fun.  The win loss ratio is too large of a factor in picking teams.

Ugh at least im not a single doomed soul on this one. But seriously? I won like ~10 games on my first day and now I’ve lost around 40 in a row (with barely two or three wins in two days). You call that fair?