Reaper to rank 9

I saw a post in the past about a similar issue with the Phoenix, and now I’d like to explain how I feel about the Reaper


I personally think the Reaper is great guard ship, it looks good, performs well, it’s even agile (that being the case with most Federation ships). Just like the Phoenix, when Iridium Heatsinks, Shared Coolers, and other various equipment and modules were removed from rank 8, the Reaper also took a hit. I remember taking my Reaper and having fun in PvP since I could use my Mass Driver and not worry about having it overheat too fast, and now I can’t even use the Mass Driver on it, let alone the ship itself. This really disappoints me as the Reaper is one of my favorite ships, and after having spent the money on it it now sits in my ship tree being of no use since I can’t use an effective weapon on it. It’s really pointless to use Beam Cannons or something when it could really have such potential and be worth the money if it was a rank 9 ship.


Please make the Reaper (and the Phoenix) rank 9 ships, I would like to be able to use them both again. Their effectiveness has been ultimately shot down as a result of them being in a lower rank and with having so much removed from lower ranks.


If you aren’t going to let the players of this game use their money wisely in terms of getting good ships, at least give them the option of getting a refund for the money they wasted; I don’t know how that doesn’t make sense. I know you guys don’t care about this part, but how would you feel if you were the ones playing this game? Did it ever occur to you to see the game from a player’s perspective? I think that’s the real problem here; it’s that the developmental side is not seeing the game from a player’s point of view and what the downfalls to players are when changes are made.

Well, all pirate ships except Sai were impacted by module ranks. Reaper with no adaptives is as well as Alligator-C, Phoenix with no galvs and Sawtooth with no TTCs.

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