Reaper fit suggestions

Any ideas out there? I’m fresh out. “Avoid at all costs” is also a valid response!

Khmm. Small candle ready. Tiny bag ready.

I cast: Summon Rakza!

Double adaptive shields?

Summon rakza!

I tried fitting my Reaper for speed rather than survivability and it was really fun to fly! You just race in, Pulsar the beacon and then run back to the Engi crying “trololol!”



With the recent change, the Reaper lost a big part of its efficiency, especially regarding some weapons.

The lack of CPU slot on this ship made it extremly hard to use with the Heavy Blaster and the Beam Cannon. (No range/Spread Reduction)


You can’t face tank with it like the other guards but it keep its “Positionning punisher” and “Back Line Covering” power.


For the Fitting :

  • Weapon : Positron Cannon / Ammunition Booster Circuit 
  • Explanation : Due to its lack of tanking Capability and the recent buff on Mobility, the Reaper need a special positionning including a “Safe range”, the PC is perfect for this, the Ammunition provide a good bonus when Target Range > Optimal Range
  • Missile : Octopus
  • Explanation : It’s pretty simple, you can’t facetank your own EM Torpedo, you can remain immobile to use the Anomaly Generator and the Cruise Missile is not fitting with you gameplay. Secondly, you will have 2 types of dammages by Using kinetic missile and EM weapon.
  • Active Modules : Pulsar / Liquid Metal Injector / Multiphase Shield Adapter / Emergency Shield Booster
  • Explanation : First, the Pulsar will provide you a 3rd time of dammage (thermal) and a good Self-Defence/Denial Area Power. Secondly, the Liquid Metal Injector is here to compensate the lack of Hull resistance due to the Rank 8 of the ship (no Gigas II), the survavibility bonus granted, combined with the mobility will be able to save you a lot of time when correctly used. Third, the Multiphase Shield Adapter is probably your biggest survival tool, it’s allowing you to counter Mobility Debuff (Beta-Accelerator Armadillo II Implant Fed R8), provide an excellent buff for you shield. Last module, the Emergency Shield Booster is clearly a B.I.S (best in Slot) module for all guards, combined with a good use of the Phase Shield, it will save you more time than 10 engineers with eclypse launcher.
  • Ships Modifiers :
  1. Catalyst Injector : More Speed (Fed Guards use mobility to Outplay others frigates)
  2. Auxillary Generator : More afterburner speed (Engage/Disengage/Repositionning)
  3. Voltage Regulator : Energy Regen > Energy Consumption (even in Afterburner) (Synergise really well with the Active module’s fitting)
  4. Thermal Modulator : Thermal Resistance, good against LRF special modules, Plasma Web, Plasma Arc, MineLayer, proximity mine, Standard Missile, Bots, ectect
  5. EM Diffuser : EM Resistance, prevent Negative EM resistance (aka Malus dammages), Good against : Positron, Singularity, Plasma Gun, RF Blaster, EM missiles, EM Torpedo ectect
  6. Galvanised Armor : All Resistances, synergyze really well with the Liquid Metal Injector, prevent massiv burst of your hull against EM weapons


Playing the Reaper :  You have to play it like a predator, not like an usual Guard. Stay hide or out of the ennemy range and Only strike when you are sure of your impact (Poke, Hit&Run, Pik-a-boo). You have to orbit on the Midline/backline of your team and keep an eye on everything. Your job is to punish every single ship trying to flank or Ninja Strike your team. In case of “All-In”, be sure of your decision, check if the ennemy has been poke enough, check the Fire line of the Ennemy LRF and  where are their ECM. Your weakness are your low tanking capability and your weapons positionning, if the ennemy manage to catch you alone and stay in your blindspot, you’re dead.

Learning how fly correctly the Reaper can take several hours, due to its specific gameplay, Dying is not a fail if your death was worth.

Use all the dimension, never attack an ennemy on the same plane, attack from below, above, and behind. You can only exploit your maximum DPS when you face the ennemy, but that’s not mean you have to facetank it :slight_smile:


Playing with a Reaper in your team : Always keep an eye on him, just in case he could need some help, use him as a bait, when the ennemy will engage him, they will not focus on you and that will let you the opportunity to heavy strike them. Engaging a guard (even  the Reaper) need to have a lot of things in mind, and most of the time, players forgot that to kill a guard, they have to expose themself to a devastating Ripost.

Be extremly careful about what is doing the Reaper, he can open a “Hell’s Gate” in the ennemy line just by attracting, poking or killing the ennemies.


Playing against a Reaper :  Don’t fear it, poke it with Interceptors/Fighters/LRF, it can’t tank as well as other guards, An ECM will just ruin it by Draining its energy or shutdowning the regen module, a Recon can just drain the shield and pewpew it to death. Gunship will outburst it. Just be sure to not facetank it if you don’t want to die in a horrible way. Exploit its weapons positionning, attack from the left or the right and exploit your mobility to the maximum potential, bait the Pulsar and free kill.

Nearly all the other frigates can out-tank it (Styx and Valor Include) if they don’t try to facetank it :smiley:


Pro :

  • Versatile gameplay
  • Can be used on all the map
  • Can be GameBreaker between good hands
  • Have an extremly good DPS
  • Badass skin
  • Pirate ship with a true Pirate Mentality
  • Balanced Ship

Con :

  • Need to “MASTER” the Phase Shield
  • Teamplay Dependent
  • Less tanky than other Frigates
  • Important weakness on the weapon positionning
  • Extremly sensible to ECM/Tackler
  • Require high stuff and high knowledge of the game

Pretty sweet response. 

Can someone move that “Rakza Guide on the reaper” to the guides section? I think It will benefit anyone that needs it. 

Thanks Rakza. Least played DLC ship I have because I know squat about Guards. This helps.


+1 to moving it to Guides section.

I wouldnt have expected an answer like that one Rakza ! Great reply and this should really be moved to the guide section, many players could benefit from it.

And I summoned him  :Dwop

Who’s the best conjurer?

I wouldnt have expected an answer like that one Rakza ! Great reply and this should really be moved to the guide section, many players could benefit from it.

When I saw the question and players that tried to summon me, I was just waking up. I did it while drinking my coffee xD.

When I saw the question and players that tried to summon me, I was just waking up. I did it while drinking my coffee xD.


I knew it… its all about your coffee lol

I knew it… its all about your coffee lol

Did someone say coffee?


fantastic guide, truly appreciated.

Did someone say coffee?