Reaper components converted into Graphite plates instead of Monocrystals

  1. When claiming the “Pirate Trophies” container, the Reaper ship components were converted into Graphite plates instead of monocrystals.
  2. I expected the Reaper ship components to be converted into monocrystals as I already own the ship.
  3. No special conditions with the exemption of the purchase of the container.
  4. When purchasing the “Pirate Trophies” container after completing the Open Space quest (eliminate the shogun in Jericho space) the container rewarded me with graphite plates and Phoenix ship components instead of monocrystals the components.
  5. Once so far, altough I suspect it may occur when I complete following missions



  1. Will provide if required.
  2. Not needed.
  3. Not needed.
  4. Not needed.

EDIT: After claiming the container a second time I received 10 graphite plates instead of monocrystals again  ![:(:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/(.png “:(:”)

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Not a bug. Part of components is convertig to Graphite, part to Monocrystals