Reaper and Phoenix animation bugs.

1.For Phoenix, the flaps on top of the ships just freeze after a few seconds, and for Reaper, there are those barrels on the side, strange thing, everything else seems to work.


2.I expected the animations to loop.


3.Preview the ships in Hangar, or fly them, you don’t even have to own them. need




 need need need need



The same thing is true for the Ronin.

Unable to reproduce. May be fixed in next update

Have you tried it on a Windows 10 Machine?

No, as rule, like it bugs don’t depend of windows version

Reproduced it, its really weird

It also happens for Archon, you know that spinning sphere that represents its capacitor? Yeah, not spinning after a few seconds, they need to address it.

12 hours ago, mael9740 said:

Reproduced it, its really weird

Post your DxDiag, please

42 minutes ago, Skula1975 said:

Post your DxDiag, please

I doubt it would help you since I can also reproduce it on Linux.


My Machine:

OS: Gentoo

CPU: i7 4770k

RAM: 16GiB

GPU: AMD r9 280x with MESA 17.0.6