Really Pissed At Devs

Who the hell thought up these dreadnought times? Me and my corpmates are not available for them and they’re during one of the most dead times for U.S. players.  Previously you guys said they were during peak times but they’re changed now. So i guess peak times changed too. Dat magic! to me, it sounds like a few people kept on saying “hey devs, i’m available at this time! Listen to me! screw the SC community!” *cough* but this has never happened in the past.


looking at the federation times, they are in the morning when everyone is at work or sleeping or at night from 9 oclock pacific time to midnight eastern time. I sincerely doubt that midnight on weekdays is a peak time.


I cannot attack and neither can most of my corporation. our peak time is at 6 oclock pacific time (9 oclock eastern time) and i have noticed queues are horrible at 9 oclock pacific time because nobody is on. Literally have 2 people on at 9 pacific time. one of them is an aussie. Is this the aussie/ south asian timezone? Didn’t know they had that many people to get their own timezone. Heck, there aren’t even enough in the same corp to attack which is why russian corps are capping it.


If you want to change something, please listen to people with a little sense. this time change is xxxx and the 5 oclock one appears to be another russian timezone as a russian corp owns it. Perhaps the reason you have such a small u.s. player base is cuz you treat us like crap. 


If you want your game to thrive, please act professional and not just listen to one group of players. We U.S. players put money into the game and you still treat us badly. Perhaps this is why so many people quit the game. 


Also, no trolling please. I expect people to be mature and state their honest opinions and not try to cause problems because it only damages the community.

There are already various threads regarding Dreadnought times.
Please use the search function before you post.

We will collect further feedback and adjust the times if needed.