Readiness Check gets stuck (Squads)

While in a squad and after a battle ends I go to start another battle and sometimes the Readiness Check gets stuck and the person it gets stuck on needs to leave the group and then add back, then back to normal again.


This is more than just a slight problem, when some of the people in the group don’t speak the same language as you.


The first log at the end is where it occurred and the last log is where I finally just left the group although I was not the problem in the case it was someone that spoke another language.


2 logs because I relogged in hopes that it would fix it.


Please write step-by-step action chain for reproduce this issue

  1. Invite 3 people to a group making it a 4 man group (2 man would work also but to make the frequency of it occur more often make it full group or make a full wing and do Coop)
  2. Go into a match whether it be PvP, Coop or PvE
  3. Play though the battle
  4. Start another battle
  5. Repeat steps 2 - 4 until it happens


The steps I personally took were:

  1. Go into Defense contract
  2. After battle invite someone/s that had a destroyer (randoms)
  3. Go into Defense contract again and repeat step 2 until you get full group going
  4. Repeat until it happens

There is another problem that is similar and while trying to reproduce THIS bug you may find that sometimes if you try to go back to the main screen after a battle it asks are you sure you want to cancel the search when I never told it to search for a new battle to begin with and this only happens when in a group but doesn’t happen every time.

Also if you cancel at the precise moment that you hear the BOOM for Match Found you can move a ship to another slot or remove it entirely but go into the first Match found then when in the middle of the match it says match search timed out. When you get back the changes to the ship line-up are then taken into affect.