Rating Among Pilots

mine is 22756/22755

broken or just terribad?



Terribad. The more Fleet Str you have, more positions you scale. The guy in pos 1 must have every single ship of the game and with max sinergy.

You are new to the game… its not about being terribad. 

well guess i am , maybe it then should have said “not rated yet” instead of giving me the highest grab-able number.

just got 2 more ships to max and viola i am ranked… also somehow my skill-ranking dropped by a few but thats not the matter at hand.


Don’t worry about it, it doesn’t reflect anything about your skill.  If a combo of how many elite ships you’ve played and premiums bought.  The fleet strength helps increase your synergy, but it’s questionable with the synergy/credit balance.  After a point you get more synergy than credits so you can level up ships but not afford new ones.  My ratings 2924, and I don’t care one bit to improve it.  I’ll get it a little higher only become some ships need to be elite to buy the next.

Yer I was a bit curious about this also. I knew it wasn’t anything important. and yes the “Skill ranking” is just your K/D why its called skill raking when its not really a reflection of your skill who knows…

He’s talking about the “Rating among pilots” in the upper right of the profile screen, not the “Skill Rating.”