Rate the Developers

Just a simple poll. Vote and let them know how they are doing.

I chose -Their motives have been questionable lately-


Ever since I joined(7.8) the game has been going downhill, every patch destroyed more and more of the game. And after 4 weeks after screwing up they finally bring out a patch that makes it half-decent again, but nowhere near as good as it was before.

Not to mention lately they have been quite money-grabbing like. 


Also: why am I not getting my gold for winning battles? Got both yesterday, got none today…

Picked the second option, although I wish I could have merged 2 and 4 together. They are finding ways to generate income, which is what every F2P needs, but they’re doing it (in this case) through a lesser form of extortion. Since it seems likely that the devs will not roll back this system, as they and their forum liaisons are trying their best to make us want to like it (PROTIP: People can’t be told what to like by people they barely know), several other threads found ways to incorporate that kind of system that makes it more fair. It remains to be seen if anything other than what is already implemented is being considered.

As far as I’m concerned, Cameragate and tier mixing are secondary problems to this one since this actually affects you, the player, in your pocketbook.

Hehe. These answers aren’t mutually exclusive. I’d vote for 1, 2 and 3 if I could, and before last week 4 as well.