Rate of Fire on most weapons is still bugged - lower than it should be!

Bug report:


What’s the problem?

Thermal, EM and Kinetic weapons are still not matching their described Rate of Fire. It’s usually lower than it should be.

It is currently unclear, if this bug is triggered by the Federation Implant of Rank 11, or by some other implants as well.

This issue should be thoroughly investigated and tested.


What should happen?

Thermal, EM and Kinetic weapons should match their desired statistics, shown on the description of the ship, namely, “Rate of Fire”, which, logically, also affects DPS in the end.


I want to know, why this bug still hasn’t been fixed for months, even after reported?

If you need more details, I can provide those, much better option would be, that each weapon should be tested and measured individually.

I started noticing this on octopus a week ago. I even use Heatsink. It seems to come and go for me.

coming and going can also be due to debuffs, as there seem to be debuffs reducing rof, aswell as the reduction of rof if your ship spins, and of course, never rule out packet loss (losing firing packets, synced ship movement, etc.)

but the general basic rof is a bit odd, especially for the rf blaster, which seems to need at least one heatsink to just reach the firerate it had once, while there was no actual official change since then. it was reported when it started but it seems to have been affected by other changes. It would make sense, that this was actually systematical - as the RF is basicly the only weapon i used in such extent that i knew it well enough to notice, and might have even ignored it at superstition, if others would not have reported the same thing independently.

Did you test it koro? That seems awesome. You should post those details.

How you measure fire rate?

I’m sorry what?

5 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

How you measure fire rate?

I have been reporting this issue since January 2017 and now you ask how to measure firerate?


1 hour ago, Oregyen said:

I’m sorry what?

I have been reporting this issue since January 2017 and now you ask how to measure firerate?


It’s also been ID tagged already, but no fix yet, so I guess we will have to do systematic testing of all weapons.

But then, why would we do their work for them? Issue is real and most people are saying that fire rate is broken. It has been for months now.

Only a few examples should be introduced. They have the tools to test this.

Coil Mortar/Proximity Mortar, RF Blaster, Eclipse Launcher, Ion Emitter, Meson Cannon, Coilgun, etc.


Testing should also be conducted for weapons below and above 100 fire rate to the highest possible cap.

[@Skula1975](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/239039-skula1975/) Yea, they are off… Just tested eclipse at 173 rpm = nearly 3 rounds per second.

However, 26 rounds in 10 seconds (2.6/sec) = 26*6=156 rpm… Off by 10-11%.

Yea, R11-2 implant doesn’t work… without it, 160rpm, and no difference.

So R11-2 is broken… It updates your stats, but not the weapon’s performance.

Also, the formula/percentage for R11-2 is probably broken too. instead of 1.08 (108/100), it’s probably flawed (inverted) as some of them previously were.

Overheating is also not applied, as the stats say 8.8 secs, but it takes 10 secs for my weapon to overheat. The implant does not update the overheat time stat either. Warning: with/without the implant overheat is flawed. It still says 8.8 secs but takes 10 secs.

Iridium Heatsink works properly though. Tested with supercooled+heatsink, heat rate is reduced (by the incorrect amount though), but it still takes 16+ secs to overheat instead of the 14.8 in stats.

Overheat stats are not properly calculated though. ie: 8.8secs base, with supercooled = -60%. However, 8.8*1.6 = 14.08, but the stats show 15.3… with heatsink = 8.8*0.9 = 7.92 secs, but stats show 8.3 secs. More errors in calculating percentages.

Edit: Sorry, had 2x shared cooler equipped. Need to retest percentages, but the other issues still apply.

Oh yea, they’re WAY OFF. base 4 secs, add supercooled = -60%. 4*1.6 = 6.4 secs, but stats show 10.5secs??? Oh I get it, it’s calculating the inverse… same percentage issue I reported before with lower-rank implants, but you never bothered to check the rest?.. That was like 2013… Essentially, 10.5*0.4=4.2 secs… They’re even off by a bit when calculated in reverse… It should be 4 secs.

Not sure why we should be doing this work, as Koromac suggested, since it took all of 2 minutes to confirm.

To whom should I make the bill out for services rendered?

If they are not in logs directly then easily make a video, then count the landed shots or simply recieved damage on target.

On 21.04.2017 at 5:24 PM, betatrash said:

Yea, R11-2 implant doesn’t work… without it, 160rpm, and no difference.

So R11-2 is broken… It updates your stats, but not the weapon’s performance.


What is ship you used for test fire rate of ‘Eclipse Launcher’ ?

3 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

What is ship you used for test fire rate of ‘Eclipse Launcher’ ?

Try Octopus - Federation Secret Project - Engineer of Rank 15. You can also try Naga - Empire Rank 14 - Engineer.

Most people use it. I think that ships themselves aren’t bugged.

Octopus + Neuroaccelerator ‘Ant’ ( aka R11-2 )

|   |   | 16:59:27.786  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 1852, owner ‘TaylorKobb’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1’, reason ‘hit’ |
|   |   | 16:59:28.167  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 1854, owner ‘TaylorKobb’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1’, reason ‘hit’ |
|   |   | 16:59:28.540  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 1868, owner ‘TaylorKobb’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1’, reason ‘hit’ |
|   |   | 16:59:28.916  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 1882, owner ‘TaylorKobb’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1’, reason ‘hit’ |
|   |   | 16:59:29.270  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 1884, owner ‘TaylorKobb’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1’, reason ‘hit’ |
|   |   | 16:59:29.650  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 1887, owner ‘TaylorKobb’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1’, reason ‘hit’ |
|   |   | 16:59:30.017  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 1889, owner ‘TaylorKobb’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1’, reason ‘hit’ |
|   |   | 16:59:30.396  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 1891, owner ‘TaylorKobb’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1’, reason ‘hit’ |
|   |   | 16:59:30.779  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 1893, owner ‘TaylorKobb’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1’, reason ‘hit’ |
|   |   | 16:59:31.146  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 1895, owner ‘TaylorKobb’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1’, reason ‘hit’ |
|   |   | 16:59:31.528  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 1898, owner ‘TaylorKobb’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1’, reason ‘hit’ |
|   |   | 16:59:31.898  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 1900, owner ‘TaylorKobb’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1’, reason ‘hit’ |

time interval = 16:59:31.898 - 16:59:27.768 = 4.13 s

fpm = 12 / 4.13 * 60 = 174.3 shots per minute

In weapon description: 173 shots per minute 



Deviation is 1.3 spm. I don’t see a bug

[@Skula1975](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/239039-skula1975/) Polus (R12), but the Eclipse Launcher was Mk.4 (R15-purple), not Mk.1 (R15-white).

edit: Tested with Mk.1 (R15-white), no difference, that’s not it. Also tested same bug on T-Rex and Osprey.


09:06:42.457  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 490, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:42.840  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 503, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:43.235  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 508, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:43.629  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 509, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:44.024  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 514, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:44.407  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 515, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:44.807  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 517, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:45.207  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 522, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:45.590  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 523, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:45.990  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 528, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:46.390  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 530, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:46.774  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 535, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:47.174  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 540, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:47.557  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 541, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:47.957  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 542, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:48.340  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 547, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:48.757  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 559, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:49.140  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 560, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:49.543  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 570, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:49.924  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 571, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:50.324  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 576, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:50.707  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 577, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:51.107  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 579, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:51.507  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 584, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:51.898  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 585, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’
09:06:52.293  CMBT   | Rocket detonation 586, owner ‘xGeneStarwind’, def ‘Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Epic’, reason ‘hit’

52.293 - 42.457 = 9.836 secs

26 shots / 9.836 secs = 2.643 shots / sec

2.643 * 60 = 158.6 shots per minute

However, it should be 173 according to stats.

This is with 2x shared cooler installed, and R11-2 implant.

The same issues applied without the shared cooler. It just so happens that it takes exactly 10 secs (9.836) to overheat, but the stats say 8.8 as well.

There are other issues, but I detailed them already. Even without Shared Cooler, heating rate bugs exist.

Doesn’t seem to be a crew bug, swapped from crew 4 to crew 1 on the ship, with R11-2, no change. Also tried a different hangar slot, no change.

I understood

You calculate firerate for full cicle of heating-cooling. But it’s a mistake: firerate is a property of weapon and cooling interval mustn’t consider for firerate calculation.

[@Skula1975](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/239039-skula1975/) No, I did not include cooling… Honestly? That’s the last straw. I quit.

18 hours ago, betatrash said:

[@Skula1975](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/239039-skula1975/) No, I did not include cooling


For one heating period gun can make 13 shots. In your calculation there are 26 shots, therefore, cooling period included also.