Rare Resources Revamp

Classes of rare resources (SC v. 1.4.1):

  1. Highly Rares <> High Demands

monocrystal.jpg.4968261002228d0b72aeb117b6a5e10c.jpgMonocrystals (monos)](<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2017_02/monocrystal.jpg.4968261002228d0b72aeb117b6a5e10c.jpg)

  1. Medium Rares <> Situational Demands

neodium.jpg.9c957c3d29b61ced61f37d4f622020a1.jpgImpure Neodium (neos)](<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2017_02/neodium.jpg.9c957c3d29b61ced61f37d4f622020a1.jpg)

beryllium.jpg.8f98411e305486d46293e99db99a40ff.jpgImpure Beryllium (berries)](<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2017_02/beryllium.jpg.8f98411e305486d46293e99db99a40ff.jpg)

58ab42f8f150c_goldstandards.jpg.27d8c4cd3146cca055059195a6ea664a.jpgGold Standards (in-game money, GS)](<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2017_02/58ab42f8f150c_goldstandards.jpg.27d8c4cd3146cca055059195a6ea664a.jpg)

  1. Fairly Rares <> High Demands


xenocrystals.jpg.919dcc9a874a6feebc68b1d8ffedf96f.jpgXenocrystals (xenos)](<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2017_02/xenocrystals.jpg.919dcc9a874a6feebc68b1d8ffedf96f.jpg)

58ab449faa0c7_aliencompositepanel.jpg.de6ef1e3438f1996389caf5d1b18069e.jpgAlien composite panels (panels)](<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2017_02/58ab449faa0c7_aliencompositepanel.jpg.de6ef1e3438f1996389caf5d1b18069e.jpg)

  1. Temporarily Absent Rares

electrum.jpg.755b1186dd2f3de38e169f4d6aa590e0.jpgImpure Electrum (electrums)](<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2017_02/electrum.jpg.755b1186dd2f3de38e169f4d6aa590e0.jpg)


I feel like been overwhelmed by the management of all these rare resources at the moment. And, on the other hand, unnecessarily restricted by the variety of rare resources because a combination of these is required regularly to craft some materials (save GS). 

Now, with the new Ellydium ship line (SC v. 1.4.0), we have a new rare resource: Xenocrystals. But the need for the rare resource Monocrystals and Neodium and Beryllium is still present if one wants to build a new Ellydium ship like the Tharga and its new Ellydium modules and weaponry.

I would love to see some logic behind it: at least I’d like to see the monocrystals moving down from very rare to fairly rare - the crystal shards likewise.

List of prices:

  • Gold Standard (GS)
    • 430 GS ~ 1 €
  • Xenocrystal (xeno)
    • 1440 GS / 2,83 xeno = 508,83 GS/xeno -> 1 xenocrystal ~ 1.2 € 
  • Monocrystal (mono)
    • 2 monos = 450 GS -> 2 monocrystals ~ 1 €
  • Impure Neodium (neo)
    • 7 neos ~ 1€ 
  • Impure Beryllium (berry)
    • 7 berries ~ 1 €



Game’s economy plan/system is more than naming a few items then making them equal to 1$/€/§, i can’t go + on this suggestion even in its basic form, sorry :/. Chances are many will think the same way.

Crystal shards/chips are very common resource. Way more common than graphit(plates) or osmium(crystals) or (pure)silicon.

Most of your categories are false filled with the materials.

Lets work it out. I learned how to get shards (and computing) so these are out. What else is wrong?

Monocrystals can be get from r7+ max ships from loot, from OS daily missions and very very rare as drop from specific? enemies in OS.
Not so farmable.

Impure Neodium are common accross all destroyer specific materials.
Can be get from r8(only) max ships from loot and as rare drop from OS loot.
+Container daily mission(I still write it: THANKS DEVS FOR THIS MISSION) if you don’t have already build all 3 r8 destroyer.

Impure Beryllium are rare accross all destroyer specific materials.
Can be get from r11(only) max ships from loot and as very rare drop from OS loot.
+Container daily mission if you don’t have already build all 3 r11 destroyer.

Gold Standards hardle can be farmed. Only from tournaments(up to three times on sunday)+achievements and from specific contests. Sometimes a survey is up ingame for 10.

Iridium can only be gained via purple loot. I don’t have any other information yet how to farm/get them.

Xenocrystals only missions from Ellydium. Can be considered good/bad farmable. Depend on ‘how I rate the mission difficulty on my own’.

Alien composite panels are only gained via the fleet mission. Out of that no way. We don’t know how long this will stay, so either it’s a very specific timegate or a one-time ‘event’.

Impure Electrum will likely return in OS loot(maybe as r14 loot too) and be very very rare.
Estimation: We don’t need them as the only purpose for it was removed, else hardly farmable.

Graphit/osmium are uncommon resources.

Build all 3 rank 8 destroyers ? Maybe, but would deplete much of the monocrystals. Thats what let me try to put up the list above: demand and rarenress.

Monocrystals are all too rare! If I would like to build I can’t because of relative mono rareness.

So far you can farm them playing those collectible premiums, open space dailies, spec ops and other first win of the day. Hope it helps.