Rapid Fire Plama and You!

Hey, I’ve been messing around with Empire fits, and found an incredible DPS for for the Deimos 2, involving Rapid Fire Plasma cannons, however I noticed that it is not affected at all by the Fighter’s overdrive skill. Is that by design, or is it a flaw that will hopefully be fixed soon? I realize it already does fire quite fast, but I’d like a definite answer.

Ähm, i think the problem there is that overdrive states it encreases firerate about 50% . But rapid fire plasma allready got a firerate of 280 , and the cap is at 300 . So the increase of 140 rounds only becomes a poor 20 , whats the reason that it’s not that impressive .

Ahh, I didn’t know the cap was 300. Thanks, that explains a lot!

Plasma is plasma. Plasma is nice. Plasma is healthy! At least for your killcount ^.^

i didn’t know there’a  hard cap on rate of fire.

any other caps i’m not aware of, except for the speed limit?