Rank up bonus

Didnt know were else to put this sorry.


I hear today that players now get rewards for ranking up!

I am rank 15 in all three factions but no one I speak to has recieved the rewards for each rank up they have got over the time?


I hope this is just an error and not a “big xxxx you” to the players who have been loyal and supported the game for ages!


BFp4Free made a reward change like this ages ago and every high ranked player got the same rewards they would have got for each rank they had!


The grind in open space for neodium is a joke even with the spacial scanner, 5hrs in scrap yard for 4 impure Neodium an then we get told players are getting 10 Neodium plates for ranking up to 15 now???


I really hope you intend to back pay the rank up rewards for those you have already grinded up to rank 15


Many Thanks


There is multiple threads and posts in others about this already, prob should have checked before you posted this.

As i see it the developers are facing a big problem, as they just dont can hand over a very very big present(monos, SP ship parts, destroyer parts etc) for us old players

What they need to do is to make it possible (hard, but possible) to optain these rewards somehow. Maybe we should begin to suggest alternative ways to optain these rewards?

Perhaps we could buy the rewards for a new kind of synergy optained on r15 ships?

Not a bug.