Rank Prestige!

Introducing a new option for veteran pilots who have it all and want more! If you check your profile after gaining at least 15 ranks in all factions minus Ellydium and Special, you will see the new option to “Prestige” your account! This wonderful option will reset your progress in the game entirely, but with some great benefits~


Things that you keep :

  • Galactic Standards

  • Fleet Strength points (synergy bonus)

  • DLC ships and bonuses

  • Premium ships

  • Unique and crafted ships

  • Alien ships

  • Crafted items and modules

  • Unique items (anything not bought with credits)

  • Workshop equipment

  • Pilot ratings

  • Event achievements


Things that are reset :

  • Standard ships from rank 1-15 are lost

  • Credits and vouchers are lost

  • Iridium is lost

  • Synergy on all ships is set to zero (including crafted and alien ships)

  • Flight statistics are reset with the option to save them to a unique certificate

  • Modules and weapons are lost (not crafted/unique/event items)

  • Open Space Karma is reset to zero

  • League status is reset

  • Non-event achievements are reset (not on steam)


We already have this feature, we called it “create a new account”…

8 minutes ago, aldermatias said:

We already have this feature, we called it “create a new account”…

This is primarily meant to be an easier and alternative option to that.


Creating new accounts loses everything (even what you paid for) and also puts more stress on the already skeletal servers. An option like this would be absolutely amazing.

That make no sense. Even, what his name, jasanQuin? Had a better idea where you do it per ship, or rather dont cap ship synergy lvl and keep lvling with some extra visual fluff