Rank of Premimum Ship

Call me confused … As I haven’t paid much attention till recently is the Jericho Guard Scimitar a rank 10 or is it a rank 12 

I look under the tree structure and it placed underneath level 10 … but when you look at the subpicture it indicates it is a rank 12






It is Rank 12




A lot of prem. ships are like that.

Neither, all premium ships are considered “mid-tier”, so that Scimitar is R11 as far as the MM calculations go.

Really?      Well good to know.

In terms of implants, it’s considered R12, but for the MM it’s considered R11

The only premium ships that are not R3, R6, R9, and R12 are the Pirate ships and the recently released Prem ships.   If you get confused the ship information itself tells you what rank ship it is.

It says Rank 12.



Every premium and dlc ship has 2 ratongs:

A) implant access rank

B) matchmaking rank (-1 rank of implant rank)

All prem ships that are located at the botom of the tree i.e. (nukem, parallax, leonia, strong, spirit and so on) are

A) maximum rank within a tier for implants, i.e. r3,6,9,12

B) all of them are r2,5,8,11

All DLC ships classic and pirates are

A)implant wise have rank that they are positioned on the tree (sai 9, grim, phenix 8, reaper 8 and so on)

B)MM is -1 of implant rank (sai is 8, grim, phenix 7, reaper 7 and so on)

It says Rank 12.





Yes, the rank is 12, but not for the MM. It will always discount 1