rank 5 empire/T2 pilot looking for corp - english

hello everyone,


i am looking for an english speaking corp that teeters between hardcore and casual.  i play a decent amount so would like people who take the game seriously, but not the type that has required play times/events.


about me:


51 pvp wins

1084 ship rating

rank 5 with empire, 4 with jericho and fed

i own 1 T2 ship, saving up a teir 2 T2 ship

i enjoy playing support roles like engineering and command, but i like every ship role i’ve seen so i can play whatever is needed


contact me in-game or through steam - EmbracedDarkside




feel free to check us out mate have players from around the world



i saw your corp in the other forum.  i tried to register but i get an error module not available.  have someone message me in game and i can squad up for a bit and see if you guys like me :slight_smile: