Rank 14 Implant "SR-X" wrong duration time

  1. Describe the bug in a few words/sentences.

     Implant duration time is shorter than in the implants description.


  1. Why do you think this is a bug.

     Implant granted always 7 seconds instead of 5 seconds, so i dont think this is a wrong text.


  1. How often does this bug occur.

     Tested with Ships: “Mjolnir”, “Lightbringer”.

     Occured every time in open world and PvP


  1. What was your last action/How to reproduce the bug.

     Attacks by Players and/or NPCs.


  1. Detailed explanation of the bug.(Only if you need to add more information to 1.)

     After the ships shield is lost, the buff is displayed, but only for five seconds.


I think more Information is not necessary.



Log will be added later


Logs and screenshots would be greatly appreciated regardless. I’ll see if I can reproduce it.

Added Logs.


[Logs.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=8224)

Alright, looks like I can reproduce it. Screenshots here:

RATp7xE.jpgRight after losing shield, this pops up. Five seconds. Not seven.


Of course I have to test the rest, too.


QHucdyf.jpgOne second of invisibility! Ah ah ah. Two seconds of invisibility! Ah ah ah. Two and a bit seconds of invisibility, but enough to count as three! Ah ah ah.


Yeah, this one’s fine.


3nPM2fT.jpgSeven whole seconds. That’s like a record or something.


Yeah, this one’s fine too. Just the Jericho one that’s borked. I don’t remember reading anything on the patch notes about it being shortened, either.