Rank 14 destroyers - ammunition and weapon bug

Bug report:

What happened?

When you craft a new destroyer of rank 14 - Sirius, Tyrant, etc., you will always get static barrier 9 and and a rank 11 version of a weapon - Coilgun either in your weapon slot or your warehouse.

If the weapon must be presented by default, it should be  Coilgun of a rank 15 version instead.


What should happen?

Destroyer should come up with no equipment, no ammunition or weapons either in the slot or in the storage, or if it should, it should be all rank 15, but not 9 and 11.



04:00 (check the video at that time and look what happened)



Logs: (check the time on the video for log time stamps)

2016.11.21 12.32.40.zip

Yeah I just a few hours ago posted a screenshot of this to steam. XD

We can’t reproduce it

6 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

We can’t reproduce it

It only works for the first time, when you create a destroyer.

Check my video!

16 hours ago, Koromac said:

Check my video!

Your video from 21st nov, but 22nd this bug fixed