Rank 13 v 15

Is it just me or are certain r 13 ships just better than r 15, which is annoying cos you miss out on two implants? I play strictly fed cov ops, empire recon, jericho command, and fed recon. r 13 I can just about run (although I still prefer t4 ships of the same category)… anyway aside from that my main query is the Sword - no CPU but 3 Engine but also the rotation bonus? What a pain. Then the Sword S has CPUx2 bu 1 engin and no rotation bonus. it’s a mess. And I’m not building that horrible saw thing it’s ugly. I’m building a cyning with 2 shield 2 hull and 2 engine slots (rotation bonus awesome, kinetic and galvanized cool, double adaptive or submatter for speed) anyway the tree gets buggered for me here. I won’t do tacklers and don’t see the point of gunships - and frigates are out. The Peregrine is ugly and jericho cov ops are rubbish imo - strafe distant shield plasma gun bleagh - as bad as an lrf, ecm, tackler xxxx. Lance S is the best command but doesn’t get the prem advantages of the flamberge - i can cope with the flamb anyway. Empire command is… strafey stupid, waste of shield, just i dunno… should be a gunship and I don’t see the point of gunships (get a fast hard hitting cov ops man. i hate those war of attrition artillery fire frigball games obv!) Sword/ Sword S/ Excalibur help then basically. Oh and if anyone can tell me how the Berserker is anygood without the shield slot for an adaptive that would be cool too. Thanks guys. I’m not a v social person. But would appreciate any word whatsoever. Peace (and pew pew naturally)


Depends on many factors, for certain “styles” and weapons a lot of rank13 ships are better than higher rank, but as I said it’s not always true.  For exemple

fast mobile cov ops: Grey falcon > Falcon m (but for some pure damage build is way better the falcon m)

Cruise bubble command? Sword > Sword S

Coil spam Guard? Inquisitor > Inquisitor S

Let’s say that last tier offer a wider opportunity to cover more roles and play stile since the last 2 implants are not so effective. R14 has a long cooldown, r15 give a very little bonus. So you can choose between more ships instead of going only for the one that have the highest rank.


I see a long way on the learning curve for you. Empire command stupid? Actually it is - Aura is the best ship that connects 2 worlds in this game - resists of empire with Jericho shield. And of course dmg output of a gunship. You don’t see a point of using one? I tell you something - this is the only ship in Defiler specops that doesn’t have “shields down” message after the MI pulsar :slight_smile:


And yes - depending on the playstyle - R13 can be better than R15s ,

Ok thanks guys. Oh, re gunships, i dunno, maybe I don’t appreciate the modules - and don’t fully understand crit dmage/crit chance, but they just don’t appeal to me. and I barely ever play anything other than pvp anyway.

Empire command is… strafey stupid, waste of shield, just i dunno…



Just check this perfection!


apollo is better than lightbringer because it has an extra cap at the cost of cpu but you get 10% crit on passive, and because it has more turnspeed allowing you to run a galvanized and a shared cooler without murdering your mobility, or trading cooler for verniers for even more mobility.

I only use the spark for the premium ship synergy conversion, but I very much wish the lightbringer had better passive abilities.