Rank 13 skilled/active pilot looking for top 10 PVE Corporation

I have 9% fleet score,rank 13, i am skilled and active and wealthy and ready to invest in a very good Corporation. Thank you

that would be us. 

that would be us. 




you know djoylok got 180 days playtime in pve right. and 1/3 of that in pvp. 


180 days equals 4300 hours. = half a damn year. 

since when was m o f o. a bad word?

How do you figure the math?  You do know you only have to be logged in to increase your time in game?  I’m assuming you’re comparing those two numbers.  In that case, I have 55 days in PvE.  Trust me, I do not.



I already tried to explain him before that in game time =/= time spent in PvE. Dont even bother jrison.

Dont get me wrong, PVE can be fun for some, but why do an multiplayer game and NOT do PVP?

i would like to play pvp but mostly i want pve atm to get stuff then pvp :slight_smile:


i would like to play pvp but mostly i want pve atm to get stuff then pvp :slight_smile:

just keep in mind that more “powerfull stuff” you get through pve and skipping PvP, will not make you any more powerful, new stuff will push you up in matchmaking and you will face players with similarly powerful stuff but with experience in PvP, so by skipping tiers of PvP gameplay you are kinda shooting yourself in a leg and making yourself relatively weaker.

i know:)

I have 98% fleet score,rank 15, I am not as skilled as I once DREAMED I was, though still active and NOT AS wealthy as I have been putting in Boatloads of GS in this game .  :facepalm:


At least I am vested in a very good Corporation. :)wt



a PVE Junkie :crazy:



Apologies to the Original Poster (OP) -   I just couldn’t help myself …LOL