Range Pilots


I have a level 11 pilot rank in the game, a full progress bar to level 12, experience 2200/2200 and in brackets 1000. I click on the yellow bar to the right, moves me to the map of the galaxy, what next. I see a dotted further route from the system new ceres and nothing I can do it. Ships at level 14 level. I only do two days for the campaign itself and nothing happens. The yellow progress bar just blinks and takes the experience in brackets. Please help Huricanos …_**

if you can go in open space, you must visite all maps to unlock all, most important are all 3 factions, where you could go free after

take a fast ship.

you have a button right down like “you are here” (the first) click on and i suppose you are at  ellydium theta ?

clic on and go

also you can zoom on map, ok zoom is nice but we can’t have same for the whole map :confused:

Please travel the galaxy map Sector by Sector  (e.g. LINE -> PRIDE -> ONTEGROS, etc)

Sheen said it; importand is that you visit the 3 stations of the 3 standard factions (Empire, Federation, Jericho). These are lokated in :


Faction: Ellydium Corporation (greenish)

Sector:   LINE (its a ‘living’ alien planetoid termed Bione)

System: Ellydium Theta Station


Faction: Empire (yellowish)

Sector:   ONTEGROS

System: Station Guardian 17


Faction: Federation (blueish)

Sector:   OLYMPUS

System: Station New Eden


Faction: Jericho (redish)

Sector:   PALLAS

System: Station Mendes-IX



Having visited the stations enables you to warp for free between them (e.g. warp-jump from Ellydium Theta Station to Station Mendes-IX is free) other jumps cost you 10 Iridium (but Iridium is plenty now)



_ still nothing else I have 11 lv pilot rank your advice did not give anything 100% is a bug game … Maybe developers will do something about it? _
_ I have discovered the whole map of the galaxy 5 day I do the same missions campaigns experience 2200/2200 and in brackets 1500 all ships from 1 to 14 lv captured to the end ie mk4 or mk5 and what xxxx … _.

How many campaign missions did you do?


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