Range Buffs calculateted differently than Buffs + Debuff

Hey guys,


 while trying out different setups for my ships, I figured out that the Flat Reflector Buff (+15% range) and Curved Reflector Debuff (-54,55% range)

work differently on the Albatross Implant (+20% range), and I was wondering if this is working as intended.


While using a Heavy Blaster with a Base Range of 4000m, the Implant + Flat Reflector increase it to 5400m

BaseRange * (1 + ImplantBuff + AmmunitionBuff) = 4000m * ( 1 + 0,2 + 0,15) = 5400m


Whereas the Implant + Curved Reflector reduces the range to 2000m (Instead of 2618m)

BaseRange * (1 + (ImplantBuff * 0,5)) * (1 - AmmunitionDebuff)  = 4000m * (1 + (0,2 * 0,5)) * (1  - 0,5455) = 1999,8m


(BaseRange * (ImplantBuff * (1 - AmmunitionDebuff)/2)) + BaseRange * (1 - AmmunitionDebuff) =1999,8


Using the Curved Reflector without the Implant reduces the Range to 1818m ( -54,55% )

Adding the Implant I gain another 182m which are 4,55% of the Base Range, which makes sense if you take the Base Range

then add the Buff diminished by the Debuff and divide the outcome by two.


I also checked this with Beam Cannons and it works the same way.


Furthermore, it seems to be working somewhat the same if you take the Horizon Module instead of the Implant or use them both tohether.


I’m not sure why you would want to let an Ammunition Type affect the Implant (and other Buffs) directly nor why the Buff is reduced further by

dividing it but since it’s not working as it does with the Flat Reflector I guess (hope =) ) it’s a Bug.