Range, bigger range

This a pro-range question/poll. It’s about giving the players what you took from them: the FUN! 


It doesn’t make sense at all to block us from using multiple Horizon Modules. If you think they are a “danger” in PvP, ok, fine. But it’s NOT ok to block them in other areas, like PvE, VsAi and Open Space! And then the question of balance comes in: if you are worried about the balance in PvP, why don’t you care at all about it in VsAi?!


VsAi is a mocking right now, no one can really enjoy it, as any n0o0ob with a level 17 ship (Hammerhead top choice) fully chipped, comes and shoots every enemy. Takes down a Vigilant bot or a Sirius in 2-3 seconds!! The “champion” that I have seen so far had about 300 pve and 50 pvp games. Imagine that!! What kind of gameplay is that??!! It makes me throw up to see someone getting 20-30 kills like that and completely destroying the gameplay. Not to mention it affects my experience. On a match, maybe i get 5.000 exp on that ship because of him, when I could have had 20.000 exp. points. But how are you supposed to get that exp. if someone shoots every enemy??!!


AND, under these circumstances, why are we not allowed to fit multiple Horizon Modules? I do not like chips and don’t use them, so how can someone have a longer range if you completely block that module, in areas where it’s fun?!


What do you think about it?