Random forward acceleration

I’ll ask before submitting a bug report or stuff or suggestions section, depending on situation, though i doubt logs will show anything in this case for a bug report.


Basically, has anyone else felt that their ship starts thrusting forward while trying to only strafe?

Every time i attempt to do left, right, up and down strafing in continuous movements my ship inevitably starts going forward and it even accelerates to at least half it’s max afterburner speed. It simply won’t stay put, even if i force it by pressing ‘S’ to go backwards. In fact, i have to stop all maneuvers and force it with no other actions or it will fail. Most commonly happens while i press 2 strafing buttons at the same time and then switch direction (strafing direction by pressing another 1-2 buttons, not rotating). I can understand going forward direction-wise at the enemy spawn from ours for example if i would strafe left and suddenly turned right to shoot or look at something, but straight on accelerating on the forward axis shouldn’t happen.


Just curious if i’m doing something wrong or it’s a bug or bad mechanic (doubt i’m doing something wrong since i’ve been using strafing nonstop for 2k+ battles for both offense and defense and have lots of experience with it, it’s just that i cannot twitch all my fingers at once and pressing too many at once will do something funny in Windows to hold my ship in place).


(feels like my ship is on a kill frenzy by its self lol)

Never happened to me. Could be hardware.

I think ill have to do flight practice then… not just for correction, but since the 75% strafe fed implant i need it for more complicated stuff than even forward thrusting