Radar relocation?

Hi all,

One thing I’ve noticed is I’m not using the radar/scanner that’s in the top right when fighting as I’m concentrating in the middle of the screen. One of the reasons for this is it’s not in my peripheral vision, IE I cannot see it so I forget about it. I’m wondering if it would be better placed where the score board is (bottom left), so it’s more in view as I don’t need to look at the score constantly?

After a bit of practice there is no real problem to get used to it. Radar is only an orientation if you need to know where the target is. If you focus on battle, there is also no need to pay attention to the radar. However, i agree with you. A customise able UI would be a good improvement.

same with above, radar hud location isnt really that problem… what’s imporant is learning about ship position depend on your radar… or you gonna be sorry being missile spammed from above or below…

Use this radar is easy.

Only need add a missile display

I also would like to see the radar moved closer to the center of the screen. Perhaps between the ability bar and the center HUD? The less I have to move my eyes to check it, the faster I can respond to new information.

A Guildwars style single click unlock UI, via a secure menu could be useful…allowing users to relocate any or all of the UI items to a position that suits their needs better. I’m happy with it as it is, but what suits one player might not suit another. Customisation is a handy extra )