Racial Traits 

Racial Traits appear in most big games with distinct factions, we got one for the Federation recently (I’ll just call it “Fast and Furious” because idk the actual name and don’t play feds enough to really care). It increases critical damage when the ship is moving at max speed, and applies to all federation ships regardless of class or rank. No other faction has a comparable race-wide buff (for now). Why not add something to the other factions so the favoritism is not so obvious? The buff capitalizes on the Federation’s already higher than average speed, and is meant to partially negate the loss in effectiveness caused by the nerf to Adaptive shields, which were functionally Federation only to begin with.


“Exile’s Caution” to Jericho which gives +10 points of shield resistance to all damage types when the ship has not fired in the last 10 seconds and is moving slower than 50% max speed (re-applies 10 seconds after last shot, shots include missiles, and offensive modules)

-The idea is to reduce the potency of surprise attacks.

“Imperial Loyalty” to Empire which gives +10% base weapon damage to empire ships when a teammate is within 1000 meters (does not stack, uses parties when in Open Space, does not apply to missiles or offensive modules).

-The idea is to encourage teamwork (which is much less common than it should be).

Racial traits are present but there should be more extras i guess.

Well there are already certain attributes to any given faction that just aren’t told. Empire gets an automatic +xx%damage on mains. Feds get a +xx%speed. Jerry gets +xx%regen/shield.

The new thing with Feds does indeed deserve counterparts in the other factions, but it shouldn’t really be just clones of their default bonuses.

They said it clearly : Federation needed the critical buff. Because adaptive shield nerf destroyed federation while others did not really care. 


The 8% crit buff is just to balance things. 


Giving other factions a similar buff will just make federation fall behind once again.